0% of black voters report ‘poor’ voting experience in Georgia: Poll

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News

A new poll shows 0% of black voters had a “poor” experience voting in Georgia for the midterm elections, despite claims of voter suppression from Democrats.

The University of Georgia survey found 72% of black voters said their voting experience in November 2022 was “excellent,” and 23.6% said it was “good,” while 0% said the experience was “poor.”

In addition, 94.3% of black voters were either “very confident” or “somewhat confident” their vote counted as they intended.  

In March 2021, the state passed the Election Integrity Act, which changes the timeline to apply for absentee ballots, requires voter ID to receive absentee ballots, and restricts placements of ballot drop-boxes, while expanding early in-person voting.

Democrats decried the measure as a means of voter suppression. President Joe Biden called the legislation an “attack on the right to vote” and “ Jim Crow in the 21st century.” The Department of Justice sued Georgia over the law in June 2021, arguing it was “adopted with a racially motivated purpose.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp reacted to the poll on Twitter, saying “Yet again, the myth of voter suppression in Georgia fails to be supported by a shred of evidence,” and called on DOJ to drop the lawsuit. 

Following the midterm election Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who won reelection in a runoff race that broke the state’s single-day early voting record, insisted voter suppression remains a problem in the state. 

“There are those who would look at the outcome of this race and say there’s no voter suppression in Georgia,” Warnock said in his victory speech. “Let me be clear: Just because people endured long lines that wrapped around buildings — some blocks long — just because they endured the rain and the cold and all kinds of tricks in order to vote, doesn’t mean that voter suppression does not exist. It simply means that you the people have decided that your voices will not be silenced.”