20-year-old in Oklahoma arrested for threatening the lives of pro-life Texas politicians

by Seth Udinski
20-year-old in Oklahoma arrested for threatening the lives of pro-live Texas politicians

Seth Udinski, FISM News


A 20-year-old man was arrested in Oklahoma on Sept. 22 for issuing repeated death threats against Texas politicians who openly support the rights of the unborn.

20-year-old Austin Lund was taken into police custody for reportedly sending life-threatening online messages to over 100 pro-life politicians after Texas recently passed the “fetal heartbeat law,” which bans pre-birth infanticide at six weeks after conception.

In one of the messages, the courts reported that Lund described his desire to perpetrate his “sickest fantasies” on the lawmakers:

I am filled with rage at the Texas abortion law passing. You are not people to me and if I get the chance I plan to play out my sickest fantasies with your bodies, I fully intend to!

Lund said he never intended to follow through on the threats, and many who know him are arguing that he should be absolved of the charges because he simply used words that sounded much worse than he intended.

Lund’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Cindy Cantrell came to his defense, saying,

He’s not that kind of person, he’s not violent. I think he was just upset about what he read and said something before he thought. He’s one of the finest young men that I’ve ever met. I would have never thought that he would have even typed it.

Unfortunately, Lund did type these words and he cannot undo that action. It is unclear at this time if Lund has been released, of or he will be charged.