U.S. Intel Report Says Wuhan Attempted To Hide COVID-19 From Beijing

by mcardinal

By Samuel Case, FISM News


There is a slight development in the ongoing inquiry into the relationship between the coronavirus pandemic and the Chinese government. According to a U.S. intelligence report, local leaders in the Wuhan and Hubei provinces hid the news of the virus from the higher-ups in Beijing. Wuhan was the region where the virus originated. This was apparently done out of fear of repercussions.

The report also supports beliefs that Beijing kept information from the WHO, while the government attempted to find more information for themselves about the virus. The Hill summarizes this information saying; “The intelligence report seems to support the Trump administration’s narrative that China hid the coronavirus outbreak from the rest of the world, though the details of who knew what and when remains unclear.”

According to Business Insider, the intelligence report was meant as a follow-up to a report from the Department of Homeland Security that said China had hidden information about the virus to stockpile medical supplies. 


Sourced from the Hill and Business Insider




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