Abbott shows off water barriers to fellow governors

by ian

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott showed off his buoy border barricades to four other Republican governors Monday.

The 1,000-foot barricade is set in the Rio Grande River and is supposed to be impossible to swim under or climb over. After touring the border, the governors of Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota described the situation in Texas as a “warzone” and “ground zero.”

Abbott announced those states are deploying either military or law enforcement to assist Texas in further securing the borders. He says he now has the support of half of the nation’s state governments.

Meanwhile, the buoy barricade itself is under attack.

Texas just moved the entire string closer to their banks after the International Boundary and Water Commission found most of them were on the Mexico side of the river. And the Justice Department has sued Abbott and the Texas for violating a navigation law with the barricade.

A Texas judge is expected to rule on that case soon.