Abortion counselor tells women to connect with their unborn babies before aborting them

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In some shocking news, a group of abortion providers are encouraging women to talk to and connect with their unborn children before undergoing abortion procedures.

Live Action News issued a report earlier this week revealing the harrowing psychological levels some women go through in the process of murdering an unborn child.

The report reveals that many abortion psychologists, including some contributors to the “Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health,” say that mothers should ask for consent from their unborn babies as they prepare to end the child’s life. They also tell them to speak to their unborn child, say goodbye to them, and treat them like a human being before inhumanely snuffing their life out.

One says,

With deep love and concern, ask [the baby] to leave. Let yourself feel the divine love and connection with them, then tell them that it is not time for them to come in, or that you would like them to come back at a later time.

Another tells women to “visualize the fetus leaving their body.” One mother shared a shocking experience from an abortion, saying,

I never felt I was doing them harm. Just before the abortion for each of them, I asked the lady who showed me the ultrasound screen to give me five minutes alone with the baby, before the intervention. I spoke to each of them in a fluid, soft manner, more like saying, ‘Thank you, see you later…’ The ultrasound screen conversations were way of recognizing the relationship, expressing my gratitude…It was so clear for me that these two children had not come to me saying, ‘Let me be born.’

Predictably, many pro-life advocates are enraged that pro-abortionists are treating unborn babies as humans in this new “conscious abortion,” even going so far as to ask for consent before brutally murdering their child, who cannot give consent.

The horrific irony of this practice is that is calls for women to treat unborn children as human beings only minutes before performing an utterly inhumane act on their child, thereby debunking a core argument for abortion – that fetuses are not human beings.