Abortions rise for first time in 30 years with 1 in 5 pregnancies ending in abortion

by mcardinal

Savannah Hulsey Pointer, FISM News 


The prevalence of abortions has tragically risen in the U.S. for the first time in 30 years according to a new report which revealed that roughly 20% of babies are now killed before having an opportunity to take their first breath.

New data indicates that abortions in the United States increased 8% between 2017 and 2020, which is the reversal of a 30-year trend of declining abortion rates, according to a Guttmacher Institute analysis released yesterday.

According to the pro-abortion research group, there were more than 930,000 abortions in the U.S. in 2020 alone, up from about 862,000 abortions in 2017. The numbers correspond to 20.6% of pregnancies resulting in abortions, up from 18.4% in 2017. Abortions had been on a steady decline since 1990 and abortions had reached the lowest point in 2017 since prior to the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized the procedure nationwide.  

This is a much larger increase than what was expected going into the study, said researcher Rachel Jones, co-author of the study. “In the 20-something years I’ve been doing research on abortion at Guttmacher, this is the first time we’ve had an increase in abortion over two years,” Jones said in an interview.

While it was not clear to researchers what caused the increase, the group cited the possibility that the expansion of coverage for abortion under Medicaid programs for poor and low-income Americans. 

News of the sharp uptick in abortions comes as the Supreme Court is poised to rule on a case that could revoke nationwide abortion access and place abortion legislation back under state jurisdiction. A leaked draft opinion in May indicating the justices would overturn Roe v. Wade has caused outrage for those on the left and hope for those on the right.

This has renewed vigor for many in the pro-life movement to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves and encourage mothers to choose life.

Organizations like Pre-Born! do this by providing ultrasound machines for pregnancy centers and ultrasound sessions for mothers through grants and donations.

It is estimated that somewhere between 80-90% of mothers who hear their child’s heartbeat on an ultrasound change their minds and decide not to end the life of their unborn child, according to The Poynter Institute.

“Now, it’s true that once a father or a mother who are seeking an abortion see an ultrasound, it’s true that upwards of 90 percent of them decide not to have an abortion,” said conservative pundit Rachel Campos-Duffy. “Our opposition may not like those results, but those are what people decide after they have all the facts in front of them.”

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NZ June 17, 2022 - 9:15 PM

Of course women should have rights, but they shouldn’t have the right to take someone else’s life. At 16 weeks, a fetus has fingerprints. It’s a human and no one should have the right to kill an innocent person. Babies should have rights and so should fathers.

I know there are guys that push a woman to get an abortion, but they legally can’t force her. Father’s have been stripped of their rights so that only a mother has the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. If he’s pushing her to do so, she has the law on her side. If he wants to keep the baby but she wants an abortion, the law is on her side despite his pleading he can’t legally save his own child. It’s called, “women’s rights.”

Many pro-life ministries and organizations do great work for babies and their mothers, yet fathers seem largely overlooked. Consider the phrase: “Life empowers: pro-life is pro-woman.” I’ve also seen signs saying, “Love Them Both.” Of course we should love the babies and their mothers, but what about the fathers? Are we supposed to ignore them, hate them? Blame them? Or reach out to the fathers as well?


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