Adam Schiff survives censure vote

by ian

Rep. Adam Schiff dodged a bullet Wednesday when the House voted down a measure to censure the California Democrat for his role in the Trump-Russia hoax. Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna introduced the measure.

According to Axios, Republican leadership supported the resolution but did not actively whip for votes. As a result, 20 Republicans voted with Democrats against it.

The outcome of the vote was ultimately inconsequential – Schiff wasn’t in danger of anything more than an official reprimand – but the win gave Schiff plenty of reason to gloat.

“Today’s partisan and failed attempt to censure me is a badge of honor that I will wear proudly,” Schiff tweeted. “MAGA Republicans are going after me because I dared to hold Donald Trump accountable. These efforts to intimidate me will not succeed. I will always defend our democracy.”

Among the stranger occurrences during Wednesday’s vote, although one must consider the source, was New York Rep. Georga Santos’ decision to vote present rather than no on a measure to table the bill.  Santos, who is best known for surpassing even political standards of dishonesty on the campaign trail, had previously been quite outspoken on social media about the necessity to censure Schiff.

Earlier this year. Republicans blocked Schiff from sitting on the House intelligence committee, saying his past actions undermined national security.