Afghani Provincial Capital Falls As Taliban Seeks Takeover of Country

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


The situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating as the US and other international nations withdraw the last of their troops from the country. The Taliban seems determined to continue to fight the Afghani government in attempts to fully take over the country. The Taliban is a radical Islamic organization that desires to implement a strict Islamic society in Afghanistan. Now that the US and other international countries have mostly left Afghanistan, the terrorist organization is seizing on this chance of apparent weakness and is taking control of a large portion of the country.

The Taliban was able to capture the provincial capital Sheberghan on Saturday, one day after it had conquered the provincial capitol of Zaranj. This means that the two provinces are effectively under their control and it joins the dozens of other districts and border crossings that the Taliban has taken charge of. The Taliban is also currently exerting significant pressure on other provincial capitals like Herat and Kandahar. This is all despite continued targeted air strikes from the US military in support of Afghan military efforts.

US and UN officials are expressing growing skepticism that the Taliban will ever agree to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Several analysts have indicated that they believe Afghanistan is on the brink of an all out civil war or worse a Taliban take-over.

Furthermore, the Taliban has also assassinated the head of the Afghan Government Media and Information Centre, Dawa Khan Menapal in Kabul. This killing was for the express purpose of weakening the fledgling Afghani government. The US Charge d’Affaires Ross Wilson tweeted on Thursday and Friday about the situation in Afghanistan as well as the killing of Menapal.