Amazon introduces new prescription medication subscription

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News

Amazon’s latest foray into medication came on Tuesday with the announcement of its new medication subscription program.

Called RxPass from Amazon Pharmacy, the subscription is an additional $5 a month cost for Prime members. However, with this new feature users can order “as many eligible medications as they need for one flat, low fee.”

Not every medication will be available through the subscription, at least not right away. But RxPass boasts “generic medications that treat more than 80 common health conditions.” These include such ailments as high blood pressure, anxiety, and acid reflux.

These pills can’t just be purchased upon obtaining an RxPass subscription as each fulfillment will require a doctor’s prescription. Amazon is providing customers with 24/7 support staff for those who need help with their orders, as well as on-call pharmacist support.

As part of Amazon’s commitment to “help patients save time, save money, and stay healthy,” users will not be required to have insurance to make use of its features.

The pass, however, isn’t for everyone, for a myriad of reasons.

First and foremost, not all medications are available on the subscription. Amazon suggests checking out their list of medications or searching for the name of a specific medication on the Amazon Pharmacy site.

Secondly, the pass is currently only available in select U.S. states at the moment so not every American will be able to take advantage right away.

Finally, Amazon says that customers “who are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government health care program will not be able to enroll in RxPass.” These customers can still fill their prescriptions on Amazon Pharmacy using their government insurance.

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