American couple released by Haitian kidnappers

by ian

There is a good update in the case of the American couple who were kidnapped in Haiti. The Haitian National Police and the family say Jean-Dickens and Abigail Toussaint were released yesterday after negotiations with their kidnappers.

Nearly a month ago, the couple was taken from a Haitian bus while traveling from Port-au-Prince. The couple’s niece told ABC News the bus driver did not pay a toll to the gang for safe passage. This led to the kidnapping.

The family paid $6,000 as asked, but the kidnappers later raised that price to $200,000 per person.

It’s unknown if kidnappers received a heftier ransom or if they struck some other deal. But for now, the Touissants are on their way home to their two-year-old son.

Haitian gangs are noted for their increased violence and activity following the 2021 assassination of President Jovenal Moise. The U.S. issued a level 4 do not travel advisory for Haiti back in December.