August 2023 marks highest monthly border encounters ever

by ian

Illegal immigration continues to shatter records as newly released border data shows August had the highest number of migrant encounters in a single month in American history.

According to data analysis reported by the CenterSquare, border patrol saw over 304,000 migrant encounters on both the northern and southern borders last month. That’s roughly 20,000 more than the previous record, which was set in November 2022.

This data excludes last month’s nearly 30,000 gotaways at the southern border, of which there have been over 1.6 million since Joe Biden took office. This fiscal year, there’s been a record high 2.9 million illegal encounters and it could get worse before the year’s out.

Costa Rica’s president is now declaring a state emergency as a massive group of migrants, possibly upward of 80,000 people, is traveling through the country on its way to the U.S.