• Doctors have developed a new way to treat cancerous brain tumors through the use of magnets mounted on a helmet. Doctor researchers at Houston Methodist Neurological Institute tested a magnetic helmet on a patient who had a glioblastoma tumor in his brain. They found that they were able to shrink the tumor by over 30% and had hoped for even greater results but their patient died due to an unrelated injury.

  • Chinese diplomatic officials met with a delegation from the Taliban in Afghanistan on Wednesday reportedly to discuss peace in Afghanistan and the broader region. According to the Taliban, nine of their representatives met with Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister, in Tianjin, China on Wednesday.

  • The US Senate voted 67-32 to begin debate regarding a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that represents a substantial part of President Biden’s political agenda while in office. This bill is the product of months of negotiation between Democrats and Republicans led by Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio). President Biden originally proposed a $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan but Republicans immediately said that they would not support such irresponsible spending.

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    Olympics Update

    by JBullock

    The US is maintaining its lead in total number of medals in this year’s games standing at a total of 38 as of this writing. China is in second place with 31 and is followed by the Russian Olympic Committee with 28. Host country Japan is in fourth place at 25 total medals and has already doubled the total number of medals that they won in the last Summer Olympics in 2016.

  • In a move that is angering a number of conservatives around the country, Armed Services Committee (ASC) chairman, Senator Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island), has introduced an amendment to the newest Senate National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would require women, aged 18 to 25, to sign up for selective services just like men. This means that women would become eligible for the draft in the case of an extreme military conflict where the US had to reinstate the draft. The amendment is currently being stonewalled by Republican senators on the ASC, particularly by rising political stars Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) and Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas). 

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    Olympics Weekend Round Up

    by JBullock

    The delayed 2020 Summer Olympics have begun and the US has set records both in competition and out of it. With Japan still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, spectators and tourists, who would normally provide much needed revenue to the host country, are banned from attending events. This alone has worried Japanese citizens as well as the government as they scramble to figure out a way to pay for one of the most expensive Olympics in history.

  • The NFL has mandated that all Tier 1 staff for professional football teams be vaccinated or provide a legitimate exemption to receiving the vaccine. The players themselves are not classified as Tier 1 staff but coaches, front-office executives, equipment managers, and scouts are all considered to be Tier 1 staff. Thus far two coaches have lost their jobs due to the new rules, the first is Rick Dennison the assistant head coach for the Minnesota Vikings and the second is the New England Patriot’s co-offensive line coach, Cole Popovich.

  • The long awaited 2020 Summer Olympics have finally begun in Tokyo, Japan. US athletes are expected to perform extremely well in many events. However, the US team failed to earn any medals whether gold, silver, or bronze, on the first day of competition. This result is the first time since the 1972 Summer Olympics that the US has failed to achieve any medals on the first day of events.

  • Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicles have taken the US by storm in recent years with the development of the world’s first effective electric vehicles. In the aftermath many major automobile manufacturers are looking to break into the market now that Tesla has achieved such success. Mercedes-Benz is the latest manufacturer to follow Tesla’s lead as they have pledged to have all of their vehicles become fully electric by 2030.

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    2021: The Year of Wild Weather

    by JBullock

    If 2020 is known as the year of COVID-19 then 2021 is the year of wild weather. Across the globe weather has been behaving in abnormal ways and in some cases setting records. Across the US temperatures have hit historic highs in places used to the heat as well as places in the north where homes do not even have A/C units. In addition, meteorologists and hurricane trackers are predicting a longer than normal and more tumultuous than normal hurricane season. Throughout Europe torrential rain has brought deadly and destructive flash floods which have generated land slides. Finally, in Asia and the Middle East countries are adopting measures to produce rain that seem to come from science fiction novels.

  • There is increasing concern that the recent surge of the COVID-19 Delta variant in the US may cause government officials to reinstitute prevention measures that America has just begun to rid itself of. The Delta strand of the virus is much more resistant to medical treatment, including the Pfizer vaccine, and is also more infectious than the original base virus. It is now the dominant strand of the virus around the world and accounts for over 80% of new cases in the US which are rapidly rising.