Biden admin unveils new way to combat ‘hidden fees’

by ian

On Thursday, President Joe Biden held a roundtable conference to announce that several major U.S. corporations are adopting what he called “all-in pricing”.

Biden explained that the voluntary step was one of the first in his campaign to end so-called “junk fees.”

Companies that have pledged to adopt all-in pricing include Live Nation and its Ticketmaster platform as well as Seat Geek and Airbnb.

Biden claimed that these junk fees have a strong impact on working-class families and can make it harder for them to pay bills.

In February, he proposed the Junk Fee Protection Act, which would target hidden fees for events, rental costs, airline tickets, and early cancellation fees.

The event also received attention for a heated moment between President Biden and a reporter who asked about who the “big guy” was in reference to the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal.