Biden administration announces new police funding grants

by ian

Law enforcement across the country just received a bit of a hiring boost.

The Department of Justice is now offering $334 million in grants aimed at helping police forces hire more than 1,700 officers nationwide. The funds will also help with school safety and community policing strategies such as crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques.

The announcement comes as crime continues to plague Democrat-run cities. This problem is sure to become a major Republican talking point in 2024, especially with the rise in high-profile cases like the carjacking of Congressman Henry Cuellar in the nation’s capital last month.

The Biden administration claims its approach to crime is working and points to a 6% drop in homicides between 2021 and 2022, a downward trend they say is continuing this year. Still, crime has yet to return to pre-2020 levels after a significant spike during the pandemic and the unrest following the death of George Floyd.