Biden administration resumes deporting Venezuelans

by ian


The Biden administration is making a complete 180 this week in terms of the border crisis. Along with greenlighting the resumption of border wall construction in Texas, Biden is now okaying the deportation of migrants back to Venezuela.

About 8 million people have fled Venezuela in recent years due to its chaotic economic and political conditions. Now, Venezuelan authorities have agreed to receive repatriations from the US.

But the roughly half-million Venezuelans who came to the US before July 31 are still allowed to stay and work.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is now chiding President Biden over continuing the border wall construction.

He wrote on Truth Social, “Will Joe Biden apologize to me and America for taking so long to get moving? I will await his apology!” But President Biden says it’s not a matter of changing his mind, but rather his hands being tied.