Biden Administration targets water heaters

by Renata

First, the Biden administration targeted gas stoves. Now, they’re cracking down on water heaters. The Department of Energy announced new proposed rules on Friday that would tighten requirements for water heaters.

The proposed efficiency standards mean that most common-sized electric models would need to use heat pump technology while gas-fired heaters would need to use condensing technology. The department says the regulations would slash greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 500 million tons over 30 years.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the efficiency rules will also cut costs. The Department estimates Americans would save $11 billion on utility bills each year, while the technology would save over $1,800 across the life of the appliance.

But, they would force the cheapest water pumps off the market.

Republican Representative Thomas Massie said in most cases, “the monthly savings never make up for the upfront cost of the equipment.”

If adopted, the rules will go into effect in 2029.