Biden concerned Ukraine is running out of manpower for war

by ian

An NBC report says that President Joe Biden is growing more concerned that Ukraine is running out of troops and munitions.

One anonymous senior official told NBC, “Manpower is at the top of the administration’s concerns right now.” As the smaller nation, Ukraine’s manpower is naturally dwarfed by the number of potential Russian soldiers.

The war appears to be at a stalemate, which puts Ukraine at risk of losing Western financial support.
This is especially true as attention turns toward Israel and Hamas.

But President Biden approved a new $425 million package for Ukraine on Friday that includes more munitions and artillery supplies. The package exhausts the last of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funds.

NBC reports that U.S. and European officials are quietly talking to Ukraine about what a peace treaty could look like. But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denied he was under pressure to begin negotiations.