Biden DHS building new border wall

by ian


As the border crisis reaches historic levels, President Joe Biden is borrowing a move from the Trump playbook.

The administration is now waiving dozens of laws and regulations to speed up the construction of a new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made that announcement Wednesday and cited an “acute and immediate need” to block unlawful entry in the area.

A staggering 245,000 illegal entries have been reported in the Rio Grande Valley so far this year. The plan is to add 20 miles of new barrier in Starr County, Texas, by using appropriated Congressional funds.

It’s a major reversal for the White House, with President Biden taking previous actions to end border wall construction.

Former President Donald Trump released a statement mocking the administration’s policy reversal and saying Biden owes him an apology. Trump is now calling on Biden to implement other policies from his time in office, including Remain in Mexico and Title 42.