Biden narrows potential SCOTUS list down to three, one receives vocal Republican support

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


President Joe Biden has reportedly narrowed his consideration of possible replacements for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer down to a short list of three possible nominees, with one receiving vocal support from Republican senators.

The AP reports that Biden is considering recently appointed D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger, and South Carolina District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs.

Republican South Carolina Senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham have praised Childs as a strong candidate for the Supreme Court. Childs was appointed to the South Carolina District Court in 2010 by President Barack Obama. 

“I think she’s the one that would get the most Republican votes,” Graham told ABC’s “This Week,” saying that she “could bring the Senate together and probably get more than 60 votes. Anyone else would be problematic.”

Likewise, Scott told reporters, “She certainly has been received with great acclaim from South Carolinians on both sides of the aisle. I think we have to go through a vetting process if she is the nominee.” However, Scott said he didn’t know if he’d vote for her confirmation “at this point.” 

Third-ranking House Democrat James Clyburn of South Carolina has been among Child’s biggest backers calling her “the kind of person who has the sort of experiences that would make her a good addition to the Supreme Court.”  

If confirmed to the Supreme Court she will be the second justice in a row to be placed on the bench without holding a degree from Harvard or Yale Law School, having attended the University of South Carolina. The court’s newest justice, Amy Coney Barret, graduated from the Notre Dame School of Law. 

Graham argues Child’s lack of an Ivy League degree is a positive, not a negative.  “I would be very inclined to support her because of her background. She didn’t go to Harvard and Yale, which I think is a plus,” Graham said. 

Childs was nominated by Biden to sit on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in December, but the Senate has yet to vote on her nomination.