Black Lives Matter Publicly Supports Islamic Terrorists In Holy Land

by Seth Udinski
Black Lives Matter Organization Publicly Supports Islamic Terrorists In Holy Land

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In a telling announcement, the Black Lives Matter organization has publicly declared support for Palestine in the current struggle between Palestinian Islamic terrorists and ethnic Israelis over the lands of Israel.  It is imperative to remember that in the struggle for the Holy Land, the Israelis are defending their homeland from attacks against a violent invader that seems to have no concern for any civilian casualties. Black Lives Matter, an organization that has notoriously acted much like a terrorist group in the United States, is openly supporting terrorists in the Middle East, and has been for the better part of the last decade.

The organization sent a tweet earlier this week where it twisted the battle between Israel and Palestine as a noble pro-Palestinian struggle against “settler colonialism:”

This comes as no surprise from an organization that has stoked violence and anarchy in the western world, rising to greater prominence in the wake of the racial tensions surrounding George Floyd’s death.  This is simply another example of an evil organization supporting another evil organization in its wickedness.

Some on Twitter were quick to observe the apparent inconsistency in BLM’s support for a political group that also condemns homosexuality and even imprisons practicing homosexuals.  BLM is notoriously liberal on such issues, but apparently, the organization’s leaders have purposefully disregarded these core policies of their political chums from the Middle East.