Border patrol agents call low June numbers a ‘shell game’

by Renata


Border experts are skeptical of June’s relatively low numbers. According to government data, U.S. Cust moms and Border Protection experienced more than 135,000 apprehension and gotaways last month. While still a large number, it’s significantly lower than months prior.

But one border agent told the Center Square said the data isn’t what it seems. Despite gotaways coming in at less than half of May, the agent said that number “only represents known and recorded” encounters. He said the cartels are now using drones and other technology to get around border security, meaning Border Patrol doesn’t actually know how many people are coming across the southern border.

Meanwhile, former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan described the Biden administration as playing a “shell game” with the data. To keep the numbers down, he says the administration is changing the laws to fast-track legal entry. It’s a point recently made by Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs.