Boston Children’s Hospital gets transgender promotional grant

by ian


It’s now surfacing that the federal government is funding transgender treatment on children, as Boston Children’s hospital has been receiving more than $3 million from the National Institutes of Health to target trans-identifying youth.

The federal grant began in September of 2021 and will conclude at the end of August of this year. The taxpayer dollars have been used to “expand the local workforce of gender-affirming care providers” by targeting trans-identifying youth in other states.

This comes as the hospital was criticized a year ago for performing gender transition surgeries on youth as young as 13.

But the Boston hospital isn’t the only one to receive federal funding in favor of liberal ideology. Last fall, the NIH awarded John Hopkins University more than $2 million to “characterize intersectional stigma” and its link to high HIV positivity among the LGBTQ and transgender community.