California population to stagnate through 2060, state predicts

by Renata

The great exodus from California continues and it looks like the state’s population won’t recover for some time.

The state currently has a population of 39.2 million and it will likely stay there for the next several decades. The California Department of Finance predicts the state will break 39.5 million by 2060. That’s lower than its population in 2020 – when people began fleeing the state’s high crime and strict COVID lockdowns.

It’s also a major drop-off from a 2007 estimate that showed California reaching almost 60 million that year. According to the Washington Free Beacon, San Francisco lost more than 50,000 residents last year, marking the highest population decrease for any major U.S. city.

Meanwhile, Red states are booming. Census data from earlier this year found 9 out the 10 fastest growing counties are located in Republican led states, five of which are in Texas.