Canada considers allowing assisted suicide for minors without parental consent

by ian

In some shocking news, the Canadian legislature is considering the idea of allowing minors to partake in medically assisted suicide, even without the consent of parents.

The idea was presented by a committee in the Canadian House of Commons earlier this month. Proponents of the proposed law pointed out that Canada already has similar laws in place, while those against the bill argue that it would force children to make a disastrous inhumane decision that is simply too heavy for them to handle.

As the program continues to move through Canadian government, some citizens are taking it upon themselves to protest the idea.

One 50-year-old disabled woman started a social media campaign in which she told of how the government pressured her into accepting assisted suicide.

Called the “I am the face of MAID” campaign – with MAID a short form description for medically assisted death – plenty other disabled people as young as 23 have shared similar stories in the hopes of ending the program for good.