The CDC Says Delta Variant is More Contagious Than Common Cold and Chickenpox

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


The CDC has released a new document giving further details on COVID-19, especially the Delta variant that is experiencing a surge throughout the world. According to the CDC’s report, the Delta variant is the newest version of the COVID-19 virus and exhibits a stronger resistance to vaccines and is also significantly more contagious. In fact, the CDC is now saying that the Delta variant is more contagious than chickenpox and much more contagious than the flu or common cold. The CDC also warned that even vaccinated people can transmit the Delta variant, which defies earlier vaccine guidance.

It is important to note that it is normal for viruses to mutate into new variants like what has happened with the COVID-19 virus. Viruses commonly mutate more rapidly when they are first introduced to large populations. As human immune systems naturally evolve to fight the virus and as vaccines are developed to become more effective, the mutations become less common and less severe. For now, COVID-19 is a new virus and doctors around the world expect that there will be additional mutations beyond the Delta variant.

The CDC also has indicated that while the Delta variant is more resistant to vaccines, the vaccines will consistently reduce the severity of the disease. This means that even if you contract the Delta variant after being vaccinated, you can expect not to suffer as extreme of a disease or symptoms as you would if you were not vaccinated. For this reason the CDC is urging Americans to get vaccinated and President Biden has even begun to offer cash incentives for vaccination.

However, many Americans fail to see the point of receiving a vaccine that does not have a long history of research and is not completely effective at preventing the virus. In addition, for those Americans who are not immuno-compromised or are under the age of 50, the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus are significantly lower.