CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather With Others While Maskless

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


On Monday, the CDC said that people who have been inoculated against COVID-19 can meet in small groups with other vaccinated people without the need to wear masks. The guidelines make further suggestions as to how these individuals should behave away from home.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said during a briefing, that fully vaccinated individuals can visit with unvaccinated, low-risk people from one other household without masks. The public health guidelines are designed to help vaccinated people safely resume some more normal activities and contacts with those outside their households. For now, the CDC suggests continuing to wear masks, distance themselves from others, “and adhere to other prevention measures” while they are out of the home.

The guidelines also state that a fully vaccinated person will not have to quarantine or undergo testing if they are asymptomatic after being knowingly exposed to someone with the coronavirus. However, because these vaccine candidates still pose uncertainties, the center also recommends getting tested if they do experience symptoms.