Chicago’s incumbent mayor Lightfoot loses re-election bid

by ian


Voters in Chicago believe it’s time for new leadership.

Yesterday Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to gain enough votes to move onto the April 4th runoff election. Lightfoot accepted her loss last night.

Former public schools chief, Paul Vallas, came in first with nearly 35 percent of the vote. County commissioner and teachers Union organizer, Brandon Johnson, came in second with 20 percent. Vallas and Johnson will now face off in the April runoff.

Lightfoot became Chicago mayor in 2019. She ran as an outsider who would fight corruption. But Lightfoot’s popularity was hurt by a number of crises.

These include the COVID-19 pandemic, lengthy teacher union strikes, riots in 2020, and surging crime. Polls show public safety is the biggest concern for the people of Chicago.