China finishes military drills around Taiwan and is ‘ready to fight’

by ian

Tensions continue to grow in Asia after China conducted three days of military drills around Taiwan.

China claims the island as its own, and the exercises simulated a blockade and precision strikes against Taiwan. The drills followed Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s return from meeting with U.S. lawmakers.

The Chinese military announced the successful completion of the drills earlier today and said the troops are “ready to fight.”

But Representative Mike Gallagher says the drills are a kind of temper tantrum meant to intimidate the U.S. He claims China uses psychological warfare and economic coercion to get its way.

However, Gallagher does believe that China will use all necessary force to reunify Taiwan with the mainland. He is urging the U.S. to surge military power to the Indo-Pacific before another war starts.

For example, prioritizing the production of $19 billion of weapons purchased by Taiwan which are backlogged. He also suggested licensing some weapons systems so Taiwan could produce them domestically.