Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson dead at 93

by ian


Christian broadcasting legend Pat Robertson died at his Virginia Beach home at the age of 93 on Thursday; but his legacy in broadcasting, education, and politics continues.

He’s perhaps best known for turning a small Virginia station into the global Christian Broadcasting Network, which is available in nearly 150 countries.

Robertson began the network’s flagship “700 Club” in 1966 while in his mid 30’s. He continued to host the show for 55 years, until two years ago.  The show played a major role in motivating Christians to be more active in politics.

But Robertson’s political influence didn’t stop there. In the 1980’s, he ran for president and is credited with reaching the evangelical population for the Republican Party.

He also founded Regent University, which now has over 30,000 alumni. The University called Robertson a titan of faith, tenaciously obedient to God, and a faithful servant.