Christian business wins against LGBT hiring rules

by Renata

The federal government cannot force Christian employers to violate their religious beliefs by hiring LGTBQ people, according to a new court ruling.

The case began back in 2018, after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission threatened religious rights with new rules for gay and transgender employees. Steven Hotze, a Christian and owner of Braidwood Management, pre-emptively sued so he would not be forced to hire employees against his religious convictions.

A Louisiana appeals court sided unanimously with Hotze, pointing to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They found the commission failed to show a compelling reason to deny Braidwood an exemption. But the court decision only applies to Braidwood and co-plaintiff Bear Creek Bible Church.

America First Legal, who represented Hotze, says they will continue to fight for Americans “to be free from “radical administrative transgender edicts.”