Christian Employers Alliance files lawsuit against President Biden over transgender policies

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Last week, the Christian Employers Alliance announced they are bringing a lawsuit against President Joe Biden over his demand that forces religious businesses to fund transgender surgeries. The group is filing the suit in a district court in North Dakota.

The Christian workers group is accusing the Biden administration of inappropriately applying Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. By attempting to thwart “discrimination” based on sexual orientation, Biden is simultaneously infringing upon the religious rights of these Christian business, which should be protected under the First Amendment right to religious freedom.

The suit states:

The EEOC Coverage Mandate forces religious employers that provide health insurance to their employees to provide insurance coverage of elective gender transition services — and to pay for elective gender transition services in those health plans — even though doing so violates the religious beliefs of those employers. The HHS Gender Identity Mandate requires those religious healthcare providers to speak positively about these procedures even though they disagree with them and the Mandate prohibits them from offering their full and frank medical opinions, including warning patients of the dangers and risks of these experimental and irreversible procedures.

One of the attorneys representing the Christian Employers Alliance further elaborated on the necessity for a lawsuit, saying,

The government cannot force Christian employers to pay for, or physically perform, harmful medical procedures that contradict their religious beliefs. The Constitution protects religious healthcare providers and employers and allows them to go about their work in a manner compatible with their deeply held convictions and faith.

As the sexual revolution continues to attack the moral fabric of American society, this case and others like it will become more vital. FISM News will continue to follow this development as it moves to the courts.