Navigating the Christian flag case in Boston, now heading to Supreme Court [Op-Ed]

by Seth Udinski
Boston Christian flag case will go to the Supreme Court

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will take the case of a Christian flag in Boston that has been mired in controversy.

The flag, belonging to Christian education group Camp Constitution, bears a Christian cross on it. In 2017, the group formally asked for permission to fly the flag over Boston’s city hall building. The city denied it, which led the group to bring the case to lower courts. These courts also denied it, which then led Camp Constitution to bring their request to the High Court. On Thursday, the court formally accepted the case.

This is interesting development for Christians, and there may not be a clear answer on how to navigate it. Many will argue, in an attempt to find common ground with the secular community, that the city of Boston is correct in denying this group access to fly their flag so as to not show unhealthy favoritism for one religion over another on public property.

On the other hand, this act of flying a flag with a cross on it is a harmless request, and Camp Constitution makes a valid argument that they are merely exercising their right to religious liberty in flying it. Additionally, there is a valid argument that flying a flag with a Christian image on it is an act in line with American pride and patriotism, since this country was founded upon the values of the Judeo-Christian worldview. No matter how intensely the secularists argue otherwise, this country cannot be separated from its overtly Christian heritage.

The court will hear the case, beginning in early 2022. It plans to have a formal resolution by June of 2022.