Christian GoFundMe alternative raises millions for Canadian trucker protest

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News


Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo on Friday opened a new campaign for the Canadian trucker protest in Ottawa Canada, a.k.a. the Freedom Convoy, following GoFundMe’s decision to freeze and ultimately remove the protest’s page last week. 

GoFundMe paused the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser on Wednesday, after it raised over $10 million CAD. Since launching a new campaign on GiveSendGo the protest organizers have raised over $6 million USD, with a goal of $16 Million. The page raised over $2 million on the first day alone. 

On Friday, GoFundMe announced it had officially removed the Convoy’s page for violating the site’s terms of service “which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment.” 

Originally, GoFundMe said it would only provide refunds to donors who specifically requested one, with the rest going to “verified charities selected by the Freedom Convoy organizers.” However, after receiving backlash for this decision GoFundMe announced on Saturday all donors will be automatically refunded. 

GoFundMe has been accused of double standards for taking down the Convoy’s page, while allowing fundraisers linked to Black Lives Matter demonstrations, including a page raising funds for “Protective gear for Seattle, Portland protesters.” The page reads “The feds are now in Seattle and it’s time to gear up against Seattle Police and the feds.”  A separate page raises funds to bail out rioters who were arrested during the Portland BLM / Antifa riots of 2020.

In July of 2020 GoFundMe promoted a page supporting a garden inside the Seattle CHOP (Capital Hill Occupied Protests), a protest that overtook six blocks of downtown Seattle and resulted in “four shootings – two fatal – robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes,” according to Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

GiveSendGo previously garnered attention when it allowed donations for Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund, after GoFundMe banned similar fundraisers. GoFundMe lifted the ban after Rittenhouse was acquitted in November.