Christian persecution updates in Nigeria, Pakistan, and India

by ian


Christians continue to be the subject of intense persecution in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

As the AP reported Wednesday, a Muslim mob burned churches and destroyed a Christian man’s home over allegations he desecrated the Quran. One local priest said many believers in the area were forced to flee for safety.

Police are still looking for the man to see if he actually had desecrated the Muslim scriptures. He’s currently in hiding.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, members of an islamic militant group known as the “Fulani militia,” killed 21 people. They raided two villages in what’s known as Nigeria’s “Middle Belt” – which divides the Muslim north and Christian south.

Christian groups say the militia’s aim is to wipe out Christianity in the region.

And further east in India, the northeastern part of the country is experiencing intense clashes between the Hindu Meitei community and the tribal Christian Kuki.

The Manipur region is teetering on civil war as Hindu mobs have destroyed about 300 churches. It’s estimated that more 60,000 people have been displaced.