College Polling Shows 1 In 5 Students Won’t Enroll In The Fall

by mcardinal

Ian Patrick, FISM News

College students from freshmen to seniors are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, and are even considering postponing their enrollment for this upcoming season. A new College Reaction/Axios poll says that 22% of polled students are not enrolling. Most of these students are instead opting to work full time. 27% of those polled also lost their jobs during the summer.

As far as being at college is concerned, 77% of students say that they wish for their institution to not do any fall sports activities out of concern for spreading Covid-19. In fact, 85% think that there is a likely chance of them contracting the virus from being on campus.

Students are planning to be vigilant in regards to on-campus safety protocols, according to the study. If another peer is found to be in violation of the protocols, 58% of the polled students said that they would notify the school. Hopefully, this won’t happen often, as 83% said they will be complying with the protocols.

Some colleges are preparing for the return to school by modifying their campus life, even limiting how many students can stay in dorms. 7% of the polled students will live in single dorms, 9% are living in double dorms, and 56% will live off-campus altogether.

According to the Axios website, this poll was “conducted August 16-17 from a representative sample of 798 college students with a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.” It is also worth noting that the students targeted for the survey are those who are already enrolled in “accredited 4-year institutions.”

Sourced from Axios and College Reaction.

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