Cupcake-eating bear breaks into Connecticut bakery

by mcardinal

Curt Flewelling, FISM News 

Employees at the Taste By Spellbound bakery encountered an unusual customer when they arrived at work on Wednesday – a 300 lbs. black bear. The carnivorous customer turned his attention to sweets that morning as he stumbled upon a collection of confections at the bakery.

Employees at the Avon, Connecticut establishment were loading cupcakes into a delivery van that was parked in the bakery garage when kitchen supervisor Maureen Williams met her first customer of the morning.

The shocked employee kept her cool and did not panic. The loyal manager stood her ground and, ever mindful that a large delivery had to be made, shut the delivery van door to try to keep the bear away from his desired breakfast. The tactic worked, as the bear rambled away…temporarily.

To her dismay, the bear doubled back and made a beeline for the sweet treats. As the bear made what is called a “bluff charge,” a tactic designed to intimidate predators, Maureen wisely retreated back into the store.

As the bear binged on the breakfast buffet, a quick-thinking employee got the idea to get in her car and start honking her horn. The tactic worked, and the bear rambled away. By the time police arrived, the intruder was long gone.

Police notified the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) of the incident. DEEP spokesman Paul Copleman was thankful that no one was injured and said, “The frequency and severity of bear-human interactions is increasing.” 

In 2022, a record number of incidents (67) of bears actually entering the homes of Connecticut residents was recorded. 

Ms. Williams did the right thing. The National Park Service advises that you stay calm when encountering a bear, as a panicked scream or sudden movement may trigger an attack.    

The daring dine-and-dash delayed the opening of their satellite store in South Windsor as fresh products had to be baked again.