Dan Celia On the American Rescue Plan

by ian

Samuel Case, FISM News


FISM founder and financial analyst Dan Celia talks about the American Rescue Plan, and what is actually inside the bill since only 9% of it is dedicated to COVID-19 relief.



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Harrideen Ambrose March 6, 2021 - 12:37 AM

It’s so disappointing that the media have sold American citizens a bill of poop from this last election and I believe it was totally stolen. Now pelosi has a H1 bill to fund politicians with new election laws. Another poop. I’m from Maui, Hawaii, blue state, yuck! Anyway, our Governor wants our teachers to take furlough unpaid days because of no money. So, teachers union you’re talking about is who, what state. How come Hawaii says no money. And you’re correct, schools been closed, less utility Bill’s to pay, etc. God bless you, Dan. Love your show and I will donate to FISM, after this post.


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