David Weiss tells House Judiciary he was not ‘blocked’ in Hunter probe

by ian

Special Council David Weiss tells the House Judiciary Committee he was not “blocked” by the Department of Justice during his yearslong probe into Hunter Biden. He made those comments in a closed-door committee interview yesterday.

Weiss had been leading a tax probe into the President’s son as Delaware U.S. attorney since 2018. But earlier this year, an IRS whistleblower alleged that Weiss was not the ultimate decision maker in the case – saying he was told so by Weiss himself.

But Weiss countered those claims and told the committee “I am, and have been, the decision-maker on this case.” Back in August, Weiss was granted special council status by Attorney General Merrick Garland following a collapsed plea deal for Hunter on tax fraud and gun charges.

In a statement yesterday, Weiss claimed to not have requested special council status until that time.

But, in a conflicting report, House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) emerged from yesterday’s hearing claiming Weiss was denied special council status back in 2022, a claim also alleged by whistleblowers. A full transcript of Weiss’ testimony has yet to be released.