Democrats Attempt To Avoid Government Shutdown

by mcardinal

Samuel Case, FISM News


This week, Congress will consider legislation funding the federal government through mid-December, with lawmakers hoping to avoid a government shutdown amid a pandemic and just weeks before the Nov. 3 elections. The new federal fiscal year starts on Oct. 1.

House Democrats announced Monday they had filed the legislation, which leaves out new money that President Trump wanted for farmers. A Democratic aide said the bill could be on the House floor as soon as Tuesday. The Senate could then act later this week.

The bill is designed to give lawmakers more time to work out federal spending for the period through September 2021, including budgets for military operations, healthcare, national parks, space programs, and airport and border security.

But the measure’s December end date will require Congress to return to the question of government funding again during its post-election lame-duck session. Additionally, the legislation does not include $21.1 billion the White House sought to replenish the Commodity Credit Corporation, a program to stabilize farm incomes.

The bill proposes spending $14 billion to shore up a trust fund that pays for airport improvements and air traffic control operations. It also proposes extending surface transportation funding for another year, directing $13.6 billion to maintain current spending levels on highways and mass transit.

Pelosi said the bill would also save America’s older citizens from an increase in Medicare health insurance premiums of up to $50 per month.

Sourced from Reuters America Wire, edited for brevity


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