DeSantis now selling ‘Brandon’ stickers on campaign website

by mcardinal

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has made it a habit of trolling President Joe Biden through both policy and pop culture, and Monday he added another to his long list of jabs.

In an email shared through satirical news site the Babylon Bee, the Ron DeSantis for Governor organization, which is paid for by DeSantis, announced supporters could now order a packet of decals featuring the Florida governor smiling and pointing upward. Below DeSantis, the sticker emblazoned with the phrase “Brandon Did That!”

“When gas prices are too high, your groceries cost exponentially more than they did a year ago, or you just want to point out the failures of the current administration – slap a “Brandon Did That” sticker on it,” the email reads.

The email contains a list of grievances against Biden and his leadership, including complaints about inflation, the crisis at the Southern border, and the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline.

“If the left won’t call out Biden’s blunders… we’ll show them exactly where they are,” the email reads, “and remind them that Florida will never embrace these failed policies with Ron DeSantis as our governor!”

The stickers, which are sold for $15 per 18-pack, are the latest in a significant collection of pro-DeSantis and pro-Florida items DeSantis has marketed.

On the same site, fans of DeSantis can buy “Freedom over Fauci” flip flops, “Let us alone” flags and caps, “Freedom Lives Here” doormats, and a two-pack of golf balls on which is written “Florida’s Governor Has a Pair.” DeSantis is also selling a “Lockdown Liberals Tour” t-shirt that comes complete with a list of left-leaning politicians and journalists who have been seen maskless in Florida, and the dates on which these people were seen.

“In Florida, Governor DeSantis has been doing things differently by putting freedom first and rejecting the failed policies of the left,” the email reads.

DeSantis stands for reelection later this year and is currently unopposed in the Republican primary. Nine individuals, six Democrats and three independents, have also announced their candidacy.

Among those seeking to represent Democrats in the general election are former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who served from 2007-2011, and current Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried.

Crist was the last Democrat elected governor of Florida.  Current Florida Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican, occupied the position in the eight years prior to DeSantis’ election.