Devon Archer testimony transcript released

by ian

Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) released the transcript from Devon Archer’s closed-door interview.

The transcript reaffirms much of what was reported earlier this week, but it also expounded upon those reports. For instance, Archer testified that Joe and Hunter Biden used then-Vice President Biden’s position as a way of sending “signals” of power, access, and influence to foreign business partners as a means to leverage business.

In the transcript, Archer says that Burisma wouldn’t have lasted without the “Biden brand.” When pressed on this issue, Archer clarified that the Biden name likely “intimidated” others who thought of “legally” interfering with Burisma’s business.

Archer also said that Hunter’s position on the Burisma board allowed him to be a “lobbyist” for the company in Washington, D.C., thanks to his family name.