Dismal jobs report reflects poorly on Biden

by mcardinal

Michael Cardinal, FISM News


The Department of Labor released a dismal September jobs report on Friday showing that the US economy is not bouncing back the way some economists had expected.

The report showed that employers only added 194,000 jobs, well below the 500,000 predicted.

The Biden administration tried to spin the report in a positive light, with Biden touting that the unemployment rate was below 5% for the first time since last year. Upon further review, however, data showed that 183,000 people had dropped out of the labor force in September, which skewed unemployment numbers to be down further than they were. 

Most of those outside the White House did not share the same optimism as the president when looking at the numbers.

Despite the network’s tendency to lean to the left, CNBC correspondent Steve Liesman couldn’t hide his shock when the jobs report was revealed live on air, saying, “Wow, that’s real low,” and adding that it’s “just not the numbers you need to put people back to work right now.”

Conservative economists and lawmakers are putting the responsibility for the underperforming economy squarely on the shoulders of the president. They have pointed to the fact that some Americans are still satisfied to receive benefits that will come as part of the Biden’s proposed budget as part of the problem.

Experts are also putting some of the blame on the pandemic fallout – with some not returning to work out of fear of contracting the virus and others because they do not want to be forced into receiving a vaccination.

Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told Fox Business, “The Biden economy is failing Americans who want to get back to work and put the virus behind them. President Biden was dealt a winning hand with three safe and effective vaccines and he’s blown it.  America’s economic recovery is being paralyzed by Joe Biden’s big spending, high taxing, and socialist policies.”

Sen. Tim Scott shared a similar sentiment saying, “The months of disappointing jobs reports are a direct result of President Biden’s failed policies. This administration’s plan of paying people not to work and burdensome mandates has crippled our economy at a time when middle-class Americans are already struggling to afford basic necessities due to inflation.”