DOJ, state AGs take Google to trial over antitrust law

by ian


The biggest U.S. antitrust trial in a quarter of a century began today, and it could cause waves in the tech industry.

Federal regulators are taking aim at Google after 30 state attorneys general accused the company of abusing its position as the dominant search engine.

From humble beginnings as a search engine built in a Silicon Valley garage, Google has since evolved into the $1.7 trillion corporation now known as Alphabet. Over time, the company has cut several deals to make it the default search engine for both Android and Apple smartphones. About 90% of internet searches are done through Google.

The DOJ is trying to prove Google used its power to suppress its competition in search results and advertisements. But Google argues it isn’t an illegal monopoly since users can easily switch to one of many competitors at any time.

The first phase of the trial is expected to take 10 weeks, and the judge isn’t expected to issue a ruling until next year.