Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns As COVID-19 Adviser to Trump

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News

Dr. Scott Atlas officially resigned from his position as special adviser on the coronavirus to the President on Monday, as his 130-day detail as a special government employee ends this week.

On Twitter Dr. Atlas shared his resignation letter in which he praised the Trump Administration and expressed optimism about the future:

Mr. President, your Operation Warp Speed team delivered on our promised timelines for new drugs and vaccines . . .  I sincerely wish the new team all the best as they guide the nation through these trying, polarized times. With the emerging treatments and vaccines, I remain highly optimistic that America will thrive once again and overcome the adversity of the pandemic and all that it has entailed.

Atlas served as a counter balance to other medical officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci; voicing skepticism over the efficacy of masks and criticizing lockdowns. His unique voice garnered strong praise and criticism alike.