First transgender Miss Netherlands to compete for Miss Universe title

by ian


In not-so-great news, a biological male was just crowned Miss Netherlands and is now set to compete for the Miss Universe title.

Rikki Valerie Kolle, 22, became the first transgender woman to win the Miss Netherlands competition. Kolle will be the second transgender person to compete in the Miss Universe contest.

Transgender contestants have been able to compete in these beauty pageants since 2012, even under the leadership of the organization’s previous co-owner, Donald Trump.

Trump, shared a 50% stake in the pageant with NBC for just under 20 years, bought out NBC then sold the company in 2015. The international pageant exchanged hands again last year when it was purchased by a Thai LGBTQ advocate who also identifies as transgender.

Kolle took to social media to celebrate the victory but was immediately met with online backlash. The most-liked comments on the post were those criticizing the win, calling it a step back for women’s rights.