Former Afghanistan official blames ‘American arrogance’ for evacuation disaster

by ian


Recently, we passed the two-year mark of when the United States finalized its deadly and disastrous pullout from our mission in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration has been panned relentlessly for how it mishandled the situation before, during and after everything had already unfolded. Another voice is now lending itself to these criticisms, and it happens to be someone directly involved in the whole affair.

Retired Gen. l Frank McKenzie was the head of United States Central Command at the time of the withdrawal. McKenzie spoke with Fox News on Thursday about his experience with the evacuation, saying he had regrets about the way it was carried out.

But the biggest issue on McKenzie’s mind was the tragedy which occurred at the Kabul Airport. Reflecting on what led to the 13 deaths of American service members, McKenzie blamed “American arrogance” in decision-making from higher-up officials as well as continued evacuation delays.

The interview also touched on supposed U.S. intelligence unveiling a vague identity of the suicide bomber who would later attack the airport. McKenzie dismissed any claims that the U.S. was aware of this specific intelligence, and instead said that the U.S. asked the Taliban to look into multiple potential threats.

McKenzie also reflected on how the decision will be viewed in the future, suggesting it will be pegged as a “fatal flaw.”