Former Chinese pastor pleads for Christians facing oppression

by ian


A Chinese pastor who found religious freedom in the states is now speaking out for those still suffering under the oppression of the Chinese Communist Party.

Pastor Pan Yongguang of the Mayflower Church came to America as a religious refugee with his church in April. He spoke outside the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, thanking God for bringing them to freedom in America. He noted that many religious people in China, including his personal friends, are still living under that oppression.

He called on the U.S. government to put “pressure” on the persecutors in China, and he asked churches to continue helping believers overseas by providing Bibles and being vocal advocates.

While at the Capitol, the pastor attended an interfaith roundtable discussion on China’s suppression of religious freedom. There, participants raised concerns of the CCP “rewriting the Bible.”

For example, the 10 commandments have been replaced with quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping.