France in chaos, rioters target mayor’s home with burning car

by Renata

Riots in France have continued for six nights in a row.

Sunday, a group of young rioters clashed with the police and rammed the home of a Paris suburb mayor with a burning car. The mayor’s wife and one of their children were injured in what the mayor has called an assassination attempt.

The riots erupted after the police shot and killed a 17-year-old delivery driver during a routine police check. The grandmother of the victim is calling for calm. She says the rioters have used the death of her grandson as a pretext for violence.

Meanwhile, more that 3,000 arrests have been made since the riots began, but overall unrest has been on a decline. But Paris police say they will remain mobilized for the next several days. French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed social media for the prolonged violence.