G7 countries give Zelenskyy long-term security assurance

by ian


The Group of Seven, comprising the world’s most powerful economies, is boosting support for the long-term security of Ukraine.

G7 nations announced they are beginning negotiations on an enhanced package of security commitments to protect Ukraine from future aggression.

This includes financial support until at least 2030, military supplies, and possibly military training. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said it was a significant security victory.

But the Ukrainian leader cautions the G7 guarantees cannot replace NATO membership. That’s been a point of frustration for Zelenskyy this week.

Western allies refuse to give a clear membership timeline. Instead, they say the war must end first and that Ukraine needs reforms to protect democracy within the country.

Still, Zelenskyy says it’s clear Ukraine’s future does lay with NATO.

Meanwhile, the White House praised the new framework as a significant signal that time is not on Russia’s side. The Kremlin responded that the G7 is misguided and infringing on Russia’s own security.