Gender Neutral Rules For 117th Congress Introduced

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


With the new Congress sworn into their positions, a new code of ethics for both houses have been presented. The code was introduced on January 1st by the previous House of Representatives, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rules Committee Chairman James P. McGovern.

At 45 pages in length the code of ethics establishes how members of the new congress are to behave while in their positions, as well as aiming to introduce new committees and offices.

This particular code includes propositions to establish inclusion of gender neutral phrasing and maintaining a “diverse workforce.”

The code does specify that certain clauses should get rid of gendered terms such as “he” or “she” and replace them with “Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner,” or get rid of terms like father or mother and simply say “parent.” The code also aims to change terms such as “chairmen” to just “chair.”

Other notable parts of the code include the establishment of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion and an Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds.

The first office aims to “direct and guide House employing offices to recruit, hire, train, develop, advance, promote, and retain a diverse workforce” and submit House of Reps diversity reports at the end of each session of Congress.

The Whistleblower office aims to train other offices “on whistleblower intake, including establishing an effective reporting system…maintaining whistleblower confidentiality, advising staff of relevant laws and policies, and protecting information provided by whistleblowers.”